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TENANTS – Techem & Tado

Posted by admin on 17 September 2019

Techem and measuring your consumption
On your radiator you may see a small device that is measuring your heating consumption.  This is a Techem RF Meter. The Techem system will allow to measure your actual heating consumption instead of estimating it. Techem is an independent measuring company and will do the measuring for us.  Info can be found here.

How this works:
Upon arrival (in your case installation date) and departure, we will take the meter stands (3 numbers: meternbr, actual meter stand, reference meter stand of past year).  Upon departure we can calculate how much heating you have actually consumed, the cost for this will be calculated accordingly based on the unit price + the costs.  This will be the most honest formula for you and for us, as it means you will pay only what you have used, no more no less.

You are currently paying a fixed amount per month included in your rent.  This amount will work as an advance fee and will be recalculated with the amount due after calculation the actual consumption.

Below you will find more information about the use of the Tado system.  In case you have any doubt, questions, worries, or if you think the system is not working properly. CONTACT ME.  I am here to check it or help you with it.

Heating management via Radiator Nobs:
We have TADO radiator nobs on all radiators, this means it is possible to set an automatic heating schedule.  As winter is coming it will soon be time to set this schedule according to your planning (the time that you are at home and like to have the room being heated).  Seen the apps account includes all nobs, so all rooms, and I want to avoid people accidently messing up other people’s planning, I will set this for you, thus I will need your input to set the schedule.
You will receive a mail with a link for sending this information by the end of next week.

It will be possible to ‘override’ the schedule by turning the right side of nob gently and choose a lower or higher temperature, the number on the device upon touching will show the actual temperature.  The number after turning the nob will show the target temperature.
21° is a normal ‘living room’ temperature when being at home.
15-16° would be a good temperature to sleep.
The schedule will automatically be picked up again after 2 hours.



Some rooms have a thermostat next to the door, the system works the same, only there will be no nob and the overriding of the schedule will be managed by the thermostat. touching the arrow area should enable you to override the heating plan.

Batteries replacement

When the battery of the device is down, the replacement of it will be at the tenants expense (as is the replacement of batteries of fire alarms, and the replacement of lamp bulbs).  This will be indicated by a rectangle icon on the nob, you will then know you need to replace batteries in the coming weeks.
!!!! This is important as you don’t want your heater to run 24 h, even if you are not there. This would become a costly and not so environmentally friendly situation.

Not sure how to replace the batteries?
If you need help! Contact your Landlord!!







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